Bicycles complete Dunwoody

More than 30 bicycles were counted last week at Austin Elementary by parent Stacey Harris. 

“I really like riding my bike to school with my friends” says Zach Setter an Austin Elementary 5th grader. “There are six of us who ride together and it’s so much more fun than being on a bus in the morning”.

With the return of all Dunwoody elementary schools in August came the opportunity for more kids to ride their bikes to school. The Georgia Better Bicycling Bill signed by Governor Nathan Deal on May11, 2011 mandates that motorists leave a minimum of three-feet passing distance when overtaking a cyclist on the road. Three feet is approximately the length of an outstretched arm. “Buzzing”, a term for motorists passing too close to a cyclist is a major factor in bicycle crashes. 

On Monday, August 22 the Dunwoody City Council adopted a Complete Streets Policy emphasizing the need for the public right-of-way to accommodate a variety of users including motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders. The new policy is based on recommendations in the City’s Comprehensive Transportation Master Plan.

In compliance with the Comprehensive Transportation Plan, Dunwoody is implementing road replacing projects that include new bike lanes to promote safer cycling and driving. Roberts Drive, North Shallowford Road, Peachford Road from Barclay Road to Peachford Road are the first roads that will be striped for bike lanes when resurfacing is completed.

Bicyclists must continue to abide by all normal vehicular laws including traveling in the same direction as traffic when riding on the road. They are permitted to ride in the center of the road lane when hazards, debris or road conditions make traveling to the right unsafe. Cyclists have the right of way in a bike lane.

Parents, children and their friends all over Dunwoody are mapping out safe bicycle routes to their schools. Payoff: No need for car pool, waiting for the bus, cleaner air and ….more time for everyone to sleep in!

The public is invited to attend Dunwoody Sustainability Commission meetings and input is invited at the end of each meeting. The Commission meets the second Thursday of every month at 7:45 AM in the City Council Chambers, 41 Perimeter Center East, Dunwoody, GA 30346.  The Commission members are appointed by the Dunwoody City Council.  For more information about the Sustainability Commission, visit the City website at

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