June Dempsey Eidson passed away on January 20 at the age of 95. Mrs. Eidson’s Dempsey family has deep roots in Milton County history, and her husband Perry Eidson’s family has deep roots in Dunwoody history. 

June Dempsey Eidson was born in Roswell to Jesse Miles and Elizabeth Copeland Dempsey on June 12, 1924. There were eight children in the Dempsey family. June’s grandfather, James T. Dempsey, was born in Milton County in 1862. The 1880 census shows the family living in Crossville in Milton County.

By 1940, Miles and Elizabeth Dempsey and their children lived on Chamblee Dunwoody Road in the Cross Keys District of DeKalb County. Miles worked as the operator of a small sawmill. 

The Eidson family has been in Dunwoody since the mid-1800s. Zachariah Eidson donated the land for the first Dunwoody School back in the late 1800s. The school was first known as Eidson Academy. The land and school were where Dunwoody Library and the Spruill Center for the Arts are located today.

Boyce Eidson donated the land for the Eidson family cemetery, located on Winters Chapel Road across the street from Winters Chapel Methodist Church. The Eidson family helped with the construction of Dunwoody Methodist Church Chapel and the parsonage that was next door.

Past Tense

On the east side of Chamblee Dunwoody Road, between Womack Road and Vermack Road, you may have noticed a brick home with a sign identifying the home as a historic property. This was the first brick home in Dunwoody and is known as the Eidson home, circa 1931. The adjacent neighborhood and street carry the Eidson name as well, Eidson Hall and Eidson Hall Drive. 

It was also in this area that Lonnie Eidson once operated a gasoline station. Lonnie Eidson and Bertha Moss Eidson were the parents of June’s husband Perry and seven other children.   

June Dempsey attended Chamblee High School, graduating in 1941. She worked at the Dunwoody Post Office for 18. Many of those years were when the Post Office was in the old Thompson’s store at the southwest corner of Chamblee Dunwoody Road and Mount Vernon Road. 

In 1948, she married Perry Lee Eidson, whom she met at Sunday School at Dunwoody Methodist Church. Perry also attended Chamblee High School. He was in the Army from 1943 until 1946, serving in France, Germany and Czechoslovakia. During World War II, he ran a motor pool for the Army. 

The couple had two sons, David Lee Eidson of Dunwoody and Steven Douglas Eidson of Jacksonville, Florida. Steven and wife Pamela have two daughters, Delaney Elizabeth and Kelli Elisa.   

Perry Eidson died in 1992 and is buried at the Eidson family cemetery. June Eidson was laid to rest next to her husband Perry on Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020.   

The family of June Eidson would like to express their appreciation to the people who took care of and checked in on her over the last few years, including Curtis Brown, June Gregory, Gail Grimes, Willard Kendall, Jan Kepic, John Milnichuk and Gloria Jean Odom.   

Other sources cited: “The Story of Dunwoody by Elizabeth Davis, Ethel Spruill, Lynne Byrd, and Joyce Amacher.

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