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I’ve long said in reference to my 10-year stretch of regular workouts, “I live in fear that I’ll lose my workout partner and immediately fall off the wagon.”  I know myself well enough to know that I showed up two times a week because she was counting on me. The fact that I was also paying a trainer didn’t hurt.

Even after I retired three years ago, I continued getting up at 6:30 a.m. to make our 8 a.m. workout. I thought the thing that might eventually do in our partnership would be a change in my friend’s work from home arrangement. Heaven forbid she’d want to work out at 6 or 7 a.m. so she could shower and get to an office.

Instead, the perfect storm hit. It started when our gym closed in late January. We’d constantly switched gyms over the years as trainers came and went and had been at this one for two years. My friend wanted to try Orange Theory, a workout that my knees wouldn’t be able to tolerate, and I had a medical procedure scheduled for early February which would preclude workouts for a few weeks. It seemed like a good time to take a break before searching for another gym.

That procedure led to scheduling surgery for early April, so I punted on starting at a new gym and instead worked out at home. My husband and I joined the Silver Sneakers program at the Marcus Jewish Community Center, as I was newly eligible, but only he went.  

Can you picture the cartoon of an angel whispering in one ear and the devil in the other? The devil convinced me that working out at home would do, that it was silly to start going to the gym when I’d only have to stop in April and take six weeks off. 

Now, after several months of sleeping in, I’m reveling in rolling over at 6:30 a.m. and saying to myself, “Oh, you can just go back to sleep; you don’t have anywhere to be.” I daydream about taking yoga on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. when I start back. 

On the Silver Sneakers program, I can use the MJCCA gym equipment and take classes any time 10 a.m.-4 p.m., M-F at no cost. The problem with classes is that unless I have to commit to showing up, I can always find an excuse not to. Maybe hiring a personal trainer at the MJCCA would be sufficient inspiration to make me show up. After 10 years with a trainer, I know there are plenty of benefits beyond inspiration.  

Still, if my workout buddy were to find someplace besides Orange Theory, I’d give it a try even if I had to get up early again, and even if I had to pay. 

I keep reminding myself that the hospital nurses marveled at my ability to move around after surgery and attributed it to my workout regimen. That benefit hadn’t occurred to me and was never what got me to the gym. I’ve always exercised because I’m vain and needed a way to keep the weight off besides starving myself. We Greek gals have a tendency to put on weight. 

So, there you have it, the perfect storm. And, now I’m close to being released to hit the gym, and I’ve told the world my story. I’m out of excuses. Will I start back, or throw in the towel? We shall see.


Kathy is a Sandy Springs resident. Find her books, “Lord Banjo the Royal Pooch” and “The Ink Penn: Celebrating the Magic in the Everyday,” at the Enchanted Forest and on Amazon. Contact her at, follow her on Facebook,, and/or read her blogs at  

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