Along Mount Vernon Road, just across from where it meets Vernon Lake Drive, sits the historic William Warnock Cottage. The Warnock family is related to many other pioneer Dunwoody families, including the Spruills, Wares, Eidsons, Adamses and Nashes.

William Robert Warnock was born in 1840. During the Civil War, he fought for the Confederacy with Company A, 38th Regiment, Gordon’s Brigade. This regiment fought at Gettysburg, where Warnock suffered from a gunshot wound to the left ankle. Warnock would attend a local reunion of Confederate soldiers in 1890.

On October 8, 1867, he married Martha Adams, daughter of Salathiel and Sarah Harris Adams, who owned land where Murphey Candler Park is located. The Adamses bought the property in the mid 1830s and their descendants settled all over Dunwoody, Brookhaven and other nearby communities.

Members of both the Adams and Warnock families were founding members of Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church, which was first established in 1829.

Martha’s siblings include Jesse Harris Adams, who owned the land where the Donaldson-Bannister House is located, and whose daughter married William J. Donaldson. William and Martha Warnock’s daughters married into various Dunwoody families with Ella Warnock marrying William Newton Ware, Sarah Warnock marrying John Eidson, Lela Warnock marrying John Pearson Nash and Margaret Warnock marrying Marcellus Eidson.

Martha and William’s granddaughter, Florence Warnock, married Carey Spruill. They were the last family to live in the Cheek/Spruill Home and many people recall Carey Spruill plowing his fields behind the home along with his mule, Shorty.

The Warnock Cottage that sits today on Mount Vernon Road was built in 1913, with a Victorian style front porch. The original Warnock home was built around 1867 when William and Martha married, just after the Civil War.

The story of how the Warnocks arrived in Dunwoody says that William’s father brought the family to Georgia by wagon through heavily wooded trails and decided to stop along what is now Ashford Dunwoody Road. Before they moved to Mount Vernon Road, they lived in a log cabin on that first spot.

William Warnock lived until 1908 and Martha Adams Warnock lived until 1921. Both are buried at the historic New Hope Cemetery on Chamblee Dunwoody Road.

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