Holiday shopping in 2019 likely includes a good deal of online shopping, maybe a couple of trips to the mall or outdoor shopping center and a visit to your favorite small businesses. The choices in 1979 were quite different.  

If you were looking for electronics for those on your shopping list, you could visit Oodles Electronics World at North Springs Shopping Center on Roswell Road. There, you might pick up a state-of-the-art Craig 8-track stereo recorder for $69.95, a Jensen car stereo, or how about some electronic games? Oodles offered games by Atari, Fidelity and Mattel.   

Dunwoody Village offered a variety of shopping experiences to enjoy. Kentucky’s Best was the place to go for party needs, including food, crafts, toys and “handicrafts.” Bell’s Christmas Shop featured “Atlanta’s Largest Selection of Christmas Decorations and Greenery.”

After a busy afternoon of shopping, The Dumpling House at Dunwoody Village offered all-you-can-eat fried chicken, salad, choice of potato and homemade biscuits for $3.99. Beef and Burgundy or Ken’s Pizza Parlor were other restaurant options. For dessert, Gerber’s Ice Cream Scene was also in Dunwoody Village with gourmet flavors of ice cream and yogurt. 


If you had car trouble while doing your shopping, Dunwoody Village Goodyear Tire Center was also in Dunwoody Village (now Mr. Tire). 

If a hair cut was on your list of things to do, Dunwoody Village Barber Shop was the place to go.  Interesting to note that this 1979 business remains in 2019.

For your banking needs, there was Fulton Federal Savings, National Bank of Georgia and Decatur Federal Savings and Loan. In other words, there were options, but not anywhere near as many as today. 

Holly’s Hallmark Gifts and The Country Shoppe were gift shops located in Dunwoody Hall Shopping Center. There was also Matteo’s Hair Salon. 

Basserman Jewelers was located in Georgetown Shopping Center. Camelot Jewelers was in the same location as today, where Jett Ferry Road and Mount Vernon Road come together.  

In 1979, Perimeter Mall had anchor stores Rich’s, Regensteins, and J. C. Penney. That was the year that J.P. Allen was added to the list of Perimeter Mall stores. The mall first opened in 1971. 

Some of the 1979 stores included Franklin Music, Kinney’s Shoe Store, Casual Corner, Mori’s (still there), The Picture Show, Oshman’s Ski Apparel, Spencer Gifts, and The Gap (also still there).

Food choices at the mall included McDonald’s, Chick Fil A, Morrison’s Cafeteria and Orange Julius.  

A movie provides a nice break from shopping, and the Perimeter Mall Theatre was in the parking lot along Ashford Dunwoody Road. The movies playing in December of 1979 were “Star Trek-The Motion Picture,” “Electric Horseman” and “The Jerk.”

Soon after I got my driver’s license in 1973, I came to Perimeter Mall by way of a much smaller I-285. The stores that stand out in my mind from those early Perimeter Mall days are Rich’s, Franklin Music, and Spencer’s Gifts. If you have memories of the 1979 shopping choices mentioned here or of others not included, write me at

All the stores named in this article were found in advertisements of 1979 Dunwoody Crier issues and 1979 DeKalb Extra/Atlanta Constitution issues.

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