Sen. Fran Millar

In this column I have clarified some earlier comments I previously made on Facebook. Also it was brought to my attention there is now a fictitious Fran Millar Facebook site with many half truths and outright falsehoods. This is not a hack, but a deliberate political smear. Guess the opposition wants to start the 2018 campaign now.

After my wife, Mary, and I returned from a Dunwoody Methodist nine-day trip to Israel, I watched the 6th district Congressional debate to see which candidate made the best case to be our congressional representative.

I found Jon Ossoff to be bright, poised and in command of "his" data. I can see why he is good behind the camera for his documentaries and Hank Johnson should have tried harder to keep him. Unfortunately Ossoff was very robotic and redundant in much of his presentation. There is no reason to believe he will be anything more than a back bencher (like Hank Johnson) as a minority representative. There is only one John Lewis.

Karen Handel did exhibit some frustration but certainly put him in his place when she had enough. Furthermore, while she was in the minority as Fulton County chair, she cut taxes and balanced budgets. As Secretary of State, she reduced expenses.

Bottom line: Sec. Handel has gotten results while in charge and while in the minority. I understand this because I have done it in DeKalb (only Republican senator) with CEO Thurmond on SPLOST, Minority Leader Henson and Mayor Ernst on greenspace funding, and Senator Parent on Ethics.

This election should be about results not meaningless rhetoric. That being said I applaud Ossoff for a very well-done campaign. But he would be in the minority with nil influence. That may not be fair, but that is reality. Finally, I believe everyone is tired of the advertising bombardment and will be glad to see June 21.

Your thoughts are welcome.

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