Going green

Dania Faelhil and Omarian Clemons empty their classroom bin into the recycling roller cart.

Chesnut Elementary School has greatly expanded its paper recycling. The school has added cans and plastics numbered one through seven to the mix and the students are excited. Asked for their ideas on being involved in the program, here is what two students said:

“If we don’t recycle, the water we drink may not be clean,” said Dania Faelhil.

“Recycling is important to me to keep the world clean,” said Dean Eith, a student on the recycle team.

One obstacle Chesnut and other Dunwoody schools have had in involving students in a recycling program is the big, green recycling dumpster. It’s too tall even for an adult to easily reach to empty a box of recyclables. For children, it’s impossible without hazard.

Dunwoody Sustainability Commission Recycling Committee did some research and identified a recycling company, Go Green Recycling Company LLC that uses roller carts instead of a dumpster.

Now, at Chesnut School, Go Green Recycling brings 95-gallon roller carts to the school. These carts are filled with recyclables and visited every week by Go Green trucks. The company empties the carts’ contents into their truck and returns the ‘empties’ to begin the process all over again. As an extra bonus the school receives a small rebate based on the amount of materials recycled. 

Chesnut parent, Andrew Hirst who has taken on most of the job of school recycling in past school years says, “It does my heart good to see the program so greatly expanded and to have all of the school involved. I am rewarded.”

• Dunwoody High School has also contracted with Go Green Recycling for paper, plastic and cans recycling. The school has a 1:1 ratio of recycling bins to trash cans. There is recycling in all classrooms and offices throughout the hallways and in the library. Soon there will be recycling outside in the picnic area. 

Each Wednesday students from the Environmental Science classes pick up recyclables from all the designated areas, process and bag them for pickup by Go Green Recycling.

• Kingsley Elementary School has had a contract with Go Green Recycling for a few years. Their Teacher and Recycling chair Karin Markey has graciously shared her method for student involvement with the other actively recycling schools. Using the Kingsley School’s program as a model for student participation, the other active Dunwoody Schools have set up their own programs.

• Austin Elementary School began recycling with Go Green Recycling on Sept.15 for paper, cans and plastics. Austin Safety Patrol students are now responsible for collecting from recycling bins at classrooms and offices. They use the same 95 gallon containers that Go Green supplies to all the participating schools. They bring them out once a week for Go Greens collection trucks.

Austin Student Council members will start in October to educate the student body on proper recycling with posters and student representatives visiting each classroom.

• Vanderlyn Elementary School recycles paper, plastic and aluminum cans with Dekalb County.  In addition, the PTA Environmental Education Committee runs several recycling programs.  These include plastic bottle caps, batteries, printer cartridges, cell phones, digital cameras, crayons, glue bottles and sticks, drink pouches and plastic sandwich baggies.  The students do their part in the lunchroom by placing their empty drink pouches and plastic sandwich baggies in a collection bag.  Vanderlyn receives cash for many of these items.  Soon there will be paper recycling bins in each classroom, which will give all the students another opportunity to actively participate in recycling.  More information can be found on Vanderlyn’s PTA website.

• Georgia Perimeter College: Recycling of paper, cans and plastics is still in the planning stage.

• Peachtree Middle School continues its paper recycling program with a private recycling company.

• Dunwoody Elementary School has its program listed on the school website. 

Interested parents and Dunwoody citizens can get more information about their school’s recycling program by sending a message to the following email addresses:

Chesnut School: pta-president@chesnutcharter.com

Dunwoody High School: dannycanfly@yahoo.com

Austin Elemenatary School: kragals@gmail.com

Vanderlyn Elementary School: srudd@hotmail.com

Georgia Perimeter College: Gerald.Pollack@gpc.edu

Peachtree Middle School: Peachtree Middle School web site

Kingsley Middle School: Karin_M_Markey@fc.deklb.ka2.ga.us

Dunwoody Elemenatary School: D.E.S. web site.


Dunwoody Sustainability Commission Recycling Committee can be reached through the Dunwoody Sustainability Commission at: Sustainability.commission@ Dunwoodyga.gov or bobbi12@gmail.com

The public is invited to attend Dunwoody Sustainability Commission meetings. The Commission meets the second Thursday of every month at 7:45 a.m. in the City Council Chambers, 41 Perimeter Center East, Dunwoody, Ga. 30346.  The Commission members are appointed by the Dunwoody City Council.  For more information about the Sustainability Commission, visit the City website at www.dunwoodyga.gov

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