A four-minute musical video with almost two million visitors on YouTube is famous across all political lines, with the far left and the far right watching it, talking about it and, in some cases, insulting each other over it.

The video is “The Girls on Fox News,” written and composed by an accomplished singer and songwriter, Austin Cunningham. It’s a rollicking tune with funny, clever lyrics and video showing off many of the attractive female journalists and anchors on America’s most popular all-news channel.

As you’ll see and hear if you look it up on YouTube, the video song starts telling the creator’s story — a liberal turned to the right.

Well, I used to be a Democrat, Liberal no doubt, I didn’t think Conservatives knew what life’s about.

Then I started leaving the Fox News channel on. If that’s the face of the right, I’ll tell the left so long.

Oh, I want a girl like the girls on Fox News. Everyone is beautiful, anyone you choose. Whoever does the hiring knows how to light my fuse. I want a girl like the girls on Fox News.

The pictures of the women on the air on Fox News is a well-edited collage of some very attractive people. But the accompanying words make the video much more than a parade of pinups.

Well, they make the bad news on TV look a whole lot better!

Now please don’t call me shallow, a pervert, or insane, because who the heck does not love beauty with brains. I bet you that Bill Clinton, when Hillary walks in, quickly switches back from Fox to MSBNN!

Cause honey sure beats vinegar to wash down the news we need.

They got your blondes and brunettes, even redheads, too, which proves that they’re the only ones with fair and balanced news!

The piece is fun and funny. Conservatives love it. But some humorless liberals don’t. Here are a few of their reactions, as reported by World News Daily. These are some fit to appear in a family newspaper.

• Token, air-headed eye candy. That’s all they are and were meant to be on Fox.

• They all look like porno stars. That’s not a good thing for a supposed “news corporation.”

• The...song would be like writing a song about the women of the KKK.

• They are typical American pig women with five layers of makeup and a can of hair spray in their hair. It is just sad.

The song’s creator, Mr. Cunningham, is disappointed. He’s quoted as saying that haters showed up demonizing the song, the women and completely judging them as unintelligent simply because they are beautiful.

Seriously, all these gals seem to be what our elders used to describe as lovely. Meaning looks certainly, but also with qualities like elegance, grace, intelligence, wit and kindness.

The ladies who appear on Fox News are not just beautiful, they’re packing serious brains. 

It’s true that some female Fox anchors have law degrees and other impressive credentials on their resumes.  Still, says Cunningham:

This reaction from the left, including judgmental hate, viciousness, profanity and slander, has caused those who watch Fox to react with like-minded name calling. It seems we can’t even agree that someone is beautiful. Or God forbid, admit that they also have a brain.

You can see it on YouTube. Enjoy.  


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