It’s always a happy feeling entering a Hyundai. You open the door and welcoming music starts, you settle into your seat confident that you will have a smooth, fast and totally satisfying ride. To paraphrase Mary Poppins, riding a Hyundai 2015 Genesis RWD 3.8 is practically perfect in every way.

‏When one reads the Genesis’ rap sheet, it looks great on paper. Its standard features are among the best in the business, including: vehicle stability management system, heated dual power outside mirrors with turn signal indicators, leather seating with heated front seats, Bluetooth hands-Free phone system and three year complimentary Sirius XM Travel Link. The car’s V6, 8-speed automatic transmission puts out a quite suitable 311 horsepower. It offers an EPA estimate of combined 22 miles per gallon on rear window drive; 19 mph for all-wheel drive. With a 20.3 gallon fuel tank capacity, the fuel bills runs to about $2,400 annually.

‏This smart car has an equally smart trunk that opens if you stand within three feet behind the car with the key font for more than three seconds. You don’t even need to kick or wave your feet to make the trunk open. It also has the world’s first CO2 sensor that detects carbon dioxide levels in the car and automatically activates the ventilation system to infuse fresh air to the cabin. It’s also smart enough to let you know when you need to put air into your tires.

‏There are many admirable traits on the Hyundai 2015 Genesis RWD 3.8 but we’re going to concentrate on the front seat. Whoever designed it understood drivers perfectly. Everything is not only in place, but in it’s logical place. And there is more than one way to access the dials.

‏Under the 8-inch screen are three horizontal rows. The top controls the amount of air and heating the front and back windows. The second is for personalizing where one wants the air conditioning to flow, and then the bottom controls the electronics such as radio, satellite and CD. The letters are large and easy to read.

‏The panoramic sunroof, which opens completely from the front to back seat, is perfect for going up to the highest peak and star gazing. And, if you can’t do that, it provides a spacious feeling and a light airiness that is most welcomed. The ventilated seats with power bolster and cushion extender offers further leg support, which for aging knees is a huge benefit.

‏While you are enjoying sitting in the vehicle, take it for a drive and then you’ll be even more impressed. A longer wheelbase contributes to a smoother, more stable ride and the wheels have been pushed to the front and rear for even more stability. An all-new platform uses advanced high strength steel provides rigidity and overall stiffness, which the end result being both exceptional dynamics and a very high level of occupant protection.

‏Add in one of the best warranty packages in the business and a reasonable price of $38,000 (about $49,950 fully loaded) and the Hyundai Genesis RWD 3.8 looks really good on paper. Come to think of it, it would look even better in your garage.

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Tim C

I like my 2014 Genesis. It's like driving your living room easy chair down the highway. I have only 2 complaints:
1. They took away the MUTE button and replaced it with the Phone button (nice but give me the MUTE too).
2. There is hesitation when trying to get into traffic and you step a little harder on the accelerator. It can be very scary if you are trying to pull into traffic and you believe your car will jump out there and it doesn't. Those oncoming cars are not going to wait for you !! The dealer said there is nothing wrong, they have checked it out. Maybe if someone else has a similar problem, they might investigate.

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