Sen. Fran Millar

The legislative session is now over halfway done and the pace is picking up.

Senate Bill 17 – Sunday Brunch Bill – We passed this bill which allows a local referendum by voters on whether or not to allow Sunday alcohol sales in restaurants and hotels beginning at 11 am.

Senate Bill 378 – Georgia Measuring Success Act – This excellent legislation passed and it prohibits the Senate from adopting a tax bill (a bill that creates or modifies a tax incentive) unless an economic analysis has been compleeted by the state auditor. The analysis must include a good faith estimate on an annual basis for the next 10 years of the net change in state revenue, state expenditures including the costs of administration, economic activity, and public benefit. The bill must be introduced in the House and have a fiscal note.

Senate Bill 315 – Georgia Computer Systems Protection Act – Georgia is one of the few states without a hacking statute. This bill that we passed makes it a crime to access a computer or computer network with the knowledge that such access is without authority.

I also filed Senate Resolution 761, which creates a Senate Study Committee on Dyslexia. This issue was brought to me by a constituent and I discussed that the state has no current screening or training policies. When I ask for your comments and questions I mean it and hopefully we can implement this request in the off session.

It was very kind of the Physical Therapy Association of Georgia to name me Legislator of the Year. Hopefully we can pass Senate Bill 164 out of the House, which reduces consumer copayments for physical therapy, occupational therapy and chiropractic care.

This week will be busy because we are in Session Tuesday through Friday and need to have a bill out of committee by Friday morning in order for the bill to move forward.

Next week I will be reporting on my key legislation on “needs based aid” for college and nuclear power funding. I will also recap the midterm budget highlights.

Fran Millar


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Heather C

Sen. Millar, on behalf of Decoding Dyslexia - GA and all families with dyslexic children , we thank you for taking this important step in bringing change for Dyslexic students across Georgia. We look forward to following the work of the Senate Study Committee and seeing what can be done to improve outcomes in our schools for our Dyslexic students.

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