Proposed DeKalb County commission districts

Last week was a great win for DeKalb and Fulton citizens.

SB 330 (MARTA additional 1/2 penny) was defeated in Senate Rules. In DeKalb we theoretically could have had a nine cent sales tax in 2018 if this bill passed. In November 2016 the voters of DeKalb will vote on whether to approve a one percent sales tax increase/100 percent HOST exemption. Then it was proposed we could vote for up to another one percent with half going to MARTA in 2017.

Fulton and DeKalb citizens have funded MARTA for years and now maybe we can finally develop a regional transit system with financial participation by the other metro counties and the state.

The result of this bill’s defeat is I believe there will be a study committee on truly developing a regional transit system.

SB 378 (Reorganization of DeKalb Government) passed 35-16. Highlights include the following:

• Eliminate CEO position January 1, 2019

• Establishes seven member County Commission (four majority African American which fits voter registration)

• Establishes Commission Chair who is elected at large

• Removes two super districts

Senator Steve Henson (Democrat Minority Leader) presented two maps. One looked like a collection of serpents and the second combined several Commissioners (as did mine). I gave the delegation ten days for input and received nothing until these maps appeared on the floor.

I have told several Commissioners I am willing to have the three South DeKalb districts redrawn and also notified DeKalb House delegation Chair Howard Mosby of this as well.

Bottom line, the Governor of our state says the CEO positions needs to be abolished and hopefully you will get to vote on this in November.

SB 258 (Assessments). Once you receive your property tax assessment, it cannot be increased when you appeal unless there is a clerical error or if you appeal when you are in the middle of a freeze.

I am the author of SB 378 and SB 258 and helped back the effort to defeat SB 330.

Your thoughts and comments are welcome.

Senator Fran Millar


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