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A friend suggested I write about all the people I depend on in and around Dunwoody—a personal version of Angie’s List—for my readers. That’s lots of folks, and I feel fortunate that I’ve found dependable and personable “go-tos” for all our needs.

Top of mind right now is Joy Melton of Hindson & Melton because she just helped us update our wills. We, of course, found her in the Crier.

Now on to home maintenance. Let’s start with keeping the outside up to snuff. Once upon a time, we did the yard work ourselves, but those days are long past. We now rely on J.D.D. Lawn Maintenance to mow, edge, blow, trim bushes, mulch leaves, and more.

Cleaning the screened porch is another mammoth chore we no longer do. The spring tasks of cleaning the ceiling, moving furniture to put down rugs, and taking down and washing screens left us worn out. Last year we quit in the middle of the job and called Around the House. They picked up where we left off, and we called them back this year to do the whole job. When we clean up the porch, we also call TLC Cleaning Services to wash the windows inside and out. Only when all these tasks are complete, are we ready to enjoy our porch.

For the inside, I hired Aquastar Cleaning Services years ago, and Ileana and Ivan have been cleaning our house and loving on Lord Banjo for 8-9 years. Both Lord Banjo and I look forward to their arrival.

We fire up our wood burning stove when the temps drop, and we call the “pick up guy,” as we think of him, for firewood. The need for firewood pops into my brain, and I look for his ad in the Crier, the one with the red pickup truck. And before we build the first fire, we call A Neat Sweep to clean our chimney. We’re not so old-fashioned that we don’t have central heat and air, so we also rely on A&K Heating and Air Conditioning to maintain our systems.

Can you remember a time when we weren’t dependent on the internet and our computers? If you aren’t old enough to remember, I don’t want to know. Suffice it to say I would make myself crazy without Adam Freedman, Dunwoody PC.

Until we came home from a trip to discover that the outlets in the upstairs bedrooms didn’t work, we didn’t have a regular electrician. Go figure. We called Patrick Klein who arrived that day and took care of us. He’s now on my go-to list.

Isn’t it amazing the routine maintenance required to keep a house livable? For bigger jobs like remodeling a room, I have yet another go-to list, headed by Sandy Hanna, the interior designer recommended to me years ago by the gals at Southern Comfort. I hate to admit it, but I hesitate to change a room color or make a huge furniture purchase without her input. Color me dependent. Sandy introduced us to Mike McCrumb of L&M Construction and Remodeling, who’s been doing reno jobs for us for over ten years now. I keep saying I’m done remodeling, but you never know.

For furniture repair, my go-to is Chip Ridenour, whom I just discovered is related to a long-time friend of mine in Dunwoody. Meanwhile, Sandy helped us pick out two new couches, and where did the old furniture go? You surely know the answer to that question: either Southern Comfort or Furkids. They too are part of Kathy’s Team.

Kathy is a Sandy Springs resident. Find her books, “Lord Banjo the Royal Pooch” and “The Ink Penn: Celebrating the Magic in the Everyday,” at the Enchanted Forest, Amy’s Hallmark at the Forum, and on Amazon. Contact her at, and follow her on Facebook,

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