Sen. Fran Millar

I will be voting Yes on DeKalb County Homestead Exemption Act 264, House Bill 596 and on all the Constitutional amendments.

DeKalb County Homestead Exemption Act 264 extends our homeowners property tax freeze from Dec. 31, 2016, when it expires to Dec. 31, 2021. I authored the original bill, and it has had bipartisan support.

Constitutional Amendment 1 creates the Opportunity School District (OSD) for our failing schools. Six percent of schools (127 of 2,089 schools in the state) have scored less than 60 out of 110 points for the last three consecutive years (2012-2015) on the State College and Career Performance Index. Almost 68,000 students are in these failing schools.

The State will intervene in no more than 20 OSD eligible schools per year and in no more than 100 OSD eligible schools at any given time.

Intervention can include one of four models: shared governance via a contract with the local school board; direct management; creation of a charter school in collaboration with the State Charter School Commission; or closure of the school.

Out-of-state unions have poured $2 million into our state to defeat this measure.

Bottom line: If you think Atlanta and DeKalb would be focusing on finally improving these failing schools without this threat, then you are kidding yourself.

Constitutional Amendment 2 authorizes penalties for sexual exploitation and assessments on adult entertainment to fund child victims’ services. We are talking about funding care and rehabilitative and social services to individuals who have been sexually exploited (as young as 10 years of age).

Constitutional Amendment 3 reforms the Judicial Qualifications Commission and provides for its composition, governance, and powers. Both liberal and conservative lawyer legislators have told me these reforms are necessary. The Bar Association still provides the list of nominees.

Constitutional Amendment 4 is necessary to dedicate state sales tax on fireworks to trauma care, fire services and public safety.

Please call or email me with any questions on these ballot items.

Senator Fran Millar


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