Sen. Fran Millar

The General Assembly is back in session and the week’s highlight was Governor Deal’s State of the State Address. There were no surprises in his remarks and his emphasis will be on implementing recommendations from the Education Reform Commission over the next two years.

The 2016 Republican Caucus legislative priorities are as follows:

1. Protecting Georgia Citizens – The Senate Republican Caucus will conduct a comprehensive assessment of Georgia’s anti-terrorism plan and any potential safety vulnerabilities; and, in response to such findings, will work to provide the necessary level of funding and appropriate legislative response to enhance the state’s safeguards against potential terrorist attacks within Georgia.

2. Protecting Access to Care – As we work to protect access to care for all Georgians, the Senate Republican Caucus will address the rural healthcare needs by focusing on workforce development, telemedicine, improvement in EMS services and improved access and quality of care.

3. Protecting Teachers Ability to Teach – As the Senate Republican Caucus works to improve the quality of education in order to support a vibrant economy, we will look to enhance flexibility for testing requirements, allowing teachers to focus more of their time and energy on teaching.

4. Protecting the First Amendment – The Senate Republican Caucus stands united and is committed to the protection of the First Amendment freedoms for all Georgians.

5. Protecting the Future of the Disabled – The Senate Republican Caucus will ease the financial strains faced by individuals with disabilities and their families by making a tax-free account available to cover qualified expenses such as education, housing and transportation.

6. Protecting the Unborn – The Senate Republican Caucus will work to protect the unborn by expanding women’s access to pregnancy resource centers and their counseling and family planning services.

7. Protecting Small Businesses – The Senate Republican Caucus will continue the tradition of always protecting a small business’ ability to guard against government intrusion and overreach.

My committees for the 2016 legislative session are Chairman for Higher Education, Secretary Health & Human Services, Education & Youth and Rules.

Your comments and questions are always welcome.

Senator Fran Millar


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