Over The Picket Fence

In between it all. I’ve always loved this in-between week. It’s lazy and retrospective, but its limits are finite so there’s no guilt. Last week was hectic and full of list checking. Next week is all about goal setting and starting anew. This week feels like a big bear hug between the chaos.

There’s a Between in Georgia. I know they have a really good bakery there. Joshilyn Jackson wrote a book set there too, but I haven’t read it yet. Evidently named because of its geographical location — smack between Athens and Atlanta, I wonder if people there feel like they’re in the middle of a big bear hug between the two, or if they can’t figure out where they best fit in.

That, I get too.

Squarely in between generations, my mothering duties are fewer and farther between, as my daughtering duties are ramping up. Just like the moon, one’s waning and one is waxing, but I always get mixed up which is which.

Between everything I guess if I really think about it.

I resolved to carry a smaller purse because I was tired of filling it with non-essentials and plus I thought my heavy bag was making my shoulder hurt. But now my new smaller one is hard to maneuver. I’m constantly taking things out to find what I need. I need something in between, I guess.

Am I covering a little gray hair or changing my hair color? It used to be clear. Now not so much.

I like that I wear a lot of hats. Some days I’m a writer. Some days I’m a realtor. Some days I’m a graphic designer. Some days I’m a chief cook and bottle washer. So does that put me in between, or just a really good juggler?

No one ever wants the between seat on an airplane. And between jobs, between relationships, between cities and all that is usually awkward and unfulfilling.

But the week between Christmas and New Years Day is a wonderful little time of not too much to do an lots of time for movies on the sofa under blankets.

It’s my favorite week for a beach trip or vacation.

A nice little wind-down before the goals kick in and the workload ramps back up to normal.

A big bear hug between the chaos and more chaos.


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