The Green Report

The Dunwoody Sustainability Committee and city of Dunwoody staff have spent the last several months working with the folks from local non-profit Greening Neighborhoods to develop a customized energy and water saving program for our city.

We are pleased to announce a competition where every participant wins - the “Household Energy and Water” Challenge. The challenge is a quick and easy way to evaluate the energy and water you use and show you how to reduce your usage (and save money). Saving energy and water translates into resources saved for us all and more dollars in your budget.

Please note that a few big winners will get an additional upgrade kit with premium supplies, so pick up your free faucet water-saver retrofit kit and start the challenge today.

To participate in the challenge, pick up your free starter kit from the city of Dunwoody (41 Perimeter Center East, Suite 250) then visit to fill out the household energy and water audit.

This should take approximately half an hour to complete all categories. You can leave boxes blank if you choose not to participate in certain categories and still submit. You may do step 2 before step 1 if you choose.

Use the tips provided on the audit and other water and energy saving ideas to make changes to your home. Fill out the energy and water audit again (both the initial audit and the final audit must be filled out by May 31 to be eligible for winning the contest).

Winners, determined by who made the most improvements, will be contacted and receive a special energy & water saving gift pack.

For assistance with the audit, please contact

There are three level kits available for the challenge. The Level 1: Energy Explorer kit is a free kit for those who want to make some improvements to their home, reduce energy and water usage, and save money on bills.

This kit includes: leak detectors, a toilet tummy and foam inserts for light switch and plug-in covers . You do not need to participate in the household challenge to pick up this free kit.

The Level 2: Conservation Connoisseur free kit is the next step up in energy and water improvements. All products are still very easy to install, you just get more. This kit includes all of the Energy Explorer materials plus a CFL bulb and a few other extras. This kit is only available to participants of the household challenge.

The Level 3: Environmental Expert kit is the grand prize. This kit goes to the winners of the household challenge and includes even more energy and water saving devices. Winners will be notified at the end of the contest and be commended in the Dunwoody E-News update.

Look for more energy-saving tips in future issues of The Crier.

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