Gary Gomez hits half-century mark. Today is Gary Gomez’s birthday. And for as long as many of his friends can remember, he’s been wishing for the semi-century milestone to be marked in The Crier.

And well it should, as Gary is perhaps the most thoughtful rememberer of birthdays in ourcommunity.

“My husband and I both get a card from Gary every year in our mailbox,” said neighbor Diane Wilkes. “He never forgets, and it always makes me feel so special.”

Indeed, Gomez’s special needs are complemented by a very special gift of never forgetting the birthday of anyone he meets. Gomez lives in the Four Seasons neighborhood with his parents Louis and Jean. The family spends a lot of time traveling, and Gary’s first question to every new friend is, ‘What is your name and when is your birthday?’

And he never forgets.

“Gary sends hundreds of cards every year,” said Sharon Hobby. “He has friends in all parts of the country and even Mexico. Friends, family and people he’s met from other places can always count on a birthday greeting from Gary.”

An avid fan of the Braves, Falcons, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the Auburn Tigers, Gomez never misses the scores and details of every game of his favorites.

And when he’s not traveling, he’s in the front row each Sunday at Dunwoody Baptist Church.

“He makes the rounds every week,” said Chip Thompson who has attended church with Gomez since they were both teenagers. “And he’s always ready to talk details of the weekend’s games. He knows every stat.

“When he’s not there one week, I genuinely miss him,” said Thompson. “Without a doubt, he’s one of my favorite people ever.”

Austin Wilkes, a junior majoring in geological engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, remembers Gary as a favorite when Wilkes lifeguarded at the Four Seasons’ pool.

“Sometimes the pool would be empty,” he said. “And Gary would bring his radio and we’d listen to the Braves together. He’s a friend to every one he meets.”

“My birthday is on Christmas Eve which can easily be forgotten in the mix of the holidays,” said neighbor Amy Otto. “ But not only do I always get a handwritten card from Gary, he stops by to visit me every year.  

“He also remembers everyone’s age, and loves to tell others when your birthday is and how old you will be,” she continued. “Gary and I have a deal: I will be 35 forever.”

May 22 is Gary’s turn for special greetings. Happy 50th, Gary. And many more.

No cooking on Thursdays.

Let the food truck chefs do it. Beginning tomorrow and every Thursday for 12 weeks in the summer will be Food Truck Thursdays in Brook Run.

Sponsored by the Dunwoody Homeowner’s Association and the city of Dunwoody, the weekly event will bring five menu options, music and even dessert to the park where you can mingle with friends, enjoy the spring evening and a night off from the kitchen.

Up this week is “He Sang She Sang” musical duo, plus food truck selections from Hail Caesar, Ibiza Bites, King of Pops, Mobile Marlay, Pressed for Time and Yumbii. Yum Yum Cupcake will offer dessert.

The trucks will be parked between the skate park and the playground from 6 to 9 p.m.

Rain delay for concert. The past weekend’s rain delayed the Dunwoody Nature Center’s outdoor concert to Sunday, June 2 from 2 to 4 p.m.

Catch the family-friendly concert featuring Mr. Jason and Mr. Parker then.

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