Learning to give back. Early childhood students at St. Martin’s Episcopal School recently participated in a service project “Kids Helping Kids” to collect items to be donated to Atlanta’s Good Samaritan Health Center.

Students donated items including bandages, thermometers, children’s Tylenol and ointment, along with some of their own gently used books and stuffed animals to the center which provides medical, dental and other services to underprivileged families in the downtown area. The supplies totaled enough for 67 first aid kits, which are given to families visiting the center.

The students also donated 176 gently used stuffed animals and 654 books, which are given to the children visiting the center or housed in the waiting room for children to play with.

Dr. Bill Warren, pediatrician and founder of the Good Samaritan Health Center, visited St. Martin’s last month to talk to students about its work.

They say what doesn’t kiln you makes you stronger. The Spruill Center ceramics department will host the 8th Annual Pottery and Art Sale this weekend, May 2-4.

Visit the Spruill Education Center for a wide variety of high-quality ceramics created by Spruill Center students and faculty. Hours for the sale are Friday, 10 a.m.-9 p.m., Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sunday noon-5 p.m.

Missing anything? The lost and found team at Lemonade Days made more than 40 matches of lost items with rightful owners this past weekend including purses, wallets and cell phones, but we still have a few items in our coffers.

We’ve checked each with the items that were reported lost, but if you are missing a jacket, a phone, even a wallet with cash or a sippy cup or other miscellany and did not previously report it missing, please give me a call with a description and I’ll see if we can make a match. Call me at 404-680-9604.


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