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Here’s a quiz about you.  An interviewer sprang it on me during a recent interview about our new crime thriller novel, “Deadly News.”

So play along if you wish and answer these friendly questions. Then we’ll discuss.

• What was your mom always right about?

• Who were your mentors in life?

• What was your first job?

• What would you be doing if not what you’re doing now?

• What are your guilty pleasures?

• What’s something you’ll never understand?

• What skill or talent do you wish you had?

• What’s something you’ll just never understand?

• Advice for your kids or grandkids?

• What’s the best thing about grandchildren?

• What makes you laugh?

• What’s something people might be surprised to find out about you?

Simple, straightforward questions, right? Still, I found myself thinking about some of these questions for a while. Take the one about Mom always being right about this or that. So many answers, so little time. Deep thoughts just churned the process, so I went for a laugh and answered, “She was always right when she insisted that liver always tastes terrible, no matter how it is prepared.” 

Here are more of my answers, offered with the intention of persuading you to take the quiz yourself.

What talent I’d like to have but don’t.  So many answers come to mind, but my answer was, “I wish I could play the guitar well. Or play it at all. I played slide trombone in school, but realized there was little need in this world for a trombone player to entertain bar patrons at the Holiday Inn Express down by the river.”

What I’d be doing if I hadn’t been in the TV news business? “I’d wrangle season tickets to the Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals and attend every game somehow.”

Something I’ll never understand is how anybody in this country still can be a liberal after age 40.

One of the best things about my grandchildren is that they call me “Dondaddy” and inexplicably still think I am cool.

My advice to my grandchildren is: “To win in life, always work the extra hour, take or make one more phone call, revere your grandparents and come see them over and over again.  And never rely on spellcheck.”

People might be surprised to learn that, “I am shy in public. I find it much easier to talk on TV than in person to a group of people.”

My first real job (not counting cutting lawns and umpiring little league games) was as a soda jerk at Quillman’s Drug Store in Ferguson, Mo. Salary was 50 cents an hour. My most memorable event in that job was when I dropped a glass container of several gallons of Coke syrup down a flight of concrete stairs. I had to clean it up on my own time. Sweet memories.

My thanks for the quiz to columnist and radio talk show host Bob Harden, heard at 7 a.m. Eastern time weekdays on the Internet,

I invite you to pickup my new murder thriller novel, “Deadly News.” Set mostly in Atlanta, it’s a story of how things get ugly in major news media when power and money are at stake. You’ll enjoy peeking behind-the-scenes in TV newsrooms.  “Deadly News,” the novel, is everywhere, including the FoxTale Book Shoppe in Woodstock, and the Eagle Eye Book Shop in Decatur. Both of these fine stores can take mail orders as well as in-store sales.

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