Past Tense

Test Your Bankwoody Knowledge

These banks of today and landmarks of yesterday are all mixed up. See if you can match them.

_____ SunTrust Bank, 5490 Chamblee Dunwoody Road

_____ PNC Bank, 125 Perimeter Center West

_____ Regions Bank, 1457 Mt. Vernon Road

_____ Chase Bank, 2526 Mt. Vernon Road

_____ Synovus (formerly Bank of North Georgia, 5506 Chamblee Dunwoody Road

_____ Bank of America, 2454 Jett Ferry Road

_____ Chase Bank, 5540 Chamblee Dunwoody Road

A. A farm house once sat on this corner and the family sold antiques and vegetables. A water tower was built while the house still stood.

B. Cicero Carpenter owned the land where this bank sits. The bank is not one of the recent or recently moved ones.

C. Paul and Elmira Heath lived on this land, followed by a breakfast and barbeque place.

D. This bank is in an area that once had many horse farms. AT&T had offices nearby, but later a shopping center was built including this bank.

E. The Copeland family home was within this triangle and their dairy farm across the road. More recently, this bank was the home of a place that rented VHS tapes.

F. Early Dunwoody Baptist Church was next door to this site and small homes extended north. Later, there was a gas station on this corner.

G. Boston Market sat on this lot, but before that, two historic railroad section houses.

Do you remember other places that existed in Dunwoody before a bank took its place? Write Valerie at with your recollections.

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