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That’s a lyric by Ian Tyson, a singer-songwriter whose music my husband enjoys. The full message is “Technology was supposed to set us free. That ain’t the way it turned out to be.” Not long ago, I found myself in what I refer to as “Amazon publishing hell” and felt the same way.

During this difficult time —health-wise and economically — recall how our country has responded in the past when the chips were down and our families, neighbors, friends and allies were in harm’s way.

In 1981, marketing strategist and trend spotter Faith Popcorn coined the term “cocooning.” Cocooning was the idea of staying home instead of going out, feeling safe and insulated from perceived danger. In a 1986 piece in The New Yorker magazine, she opined that the concept involves “building…

With a global 24/7 news cycle dominated by extreme volatility in markets, attention-getting and emotionally jarring cell phone alerts and constant “breaking news” banners, what is one to make of it all? It’s hard to ignore in our wired world.