Big things are ahead for St. Pius X softball superstar Josie Lord, who already has multiple options to play at the next level heading into her senior season. We asked her a few questions about the Golden Lion team and her career, as she prepares to step into a key leadership position this year.

Q: What is your favorite moment in your softball career at St. Pius to this point?  

A: “My favorite moment would probably be when I hit a double in the seventh inning to tie the game and then a walk-off single in the ninth inning my sophomore year against North Oconee to get our first region win in our new region, or this year when I came back from my accident and got my 100th strikeout.”

Q: What did it feel like to be selected the Semper Fidelis National Student-Athlete of the Month for November 2018 by MaxPreps.com and the U.S. Marine Corps?

A: “I felt very blessed to receive this award as there were so many applicants for the award and I was one of them chosen. I still to this day do not know who nominated me, but everything that has come with this award has been an amazing experience. On July 11-July 15 I went to Washington D.C. with my mentor for an all-expenses paid trip that came with this award, called the Battles Won Academy where the other selected winners and myself get to go to Quantico, listen to some speakers, and do a Marine-style obstacle course.”

Q: What did it mean to you to come back from your injury last year and finish the season with over 100 strikeouts for the first time?

A: “I think coming back from my accident showed my love for the game and how badly I wanted to be back in the circle for my team. I probably should not have come back as soon as I did. I was so driven to get the 100 strikeouts that the weekend I came back I got 22 strikeouts in 3 games to get 100.”

Q: Last year, St. Pius softball finished 13-13, the first .500 or better mark since 2014, and a nine-game improvement from 2017. What was the key to the team’s step forward last year?

A: “I think the key to our success started with our coaches and how we started workouts and practices and just going out there and doing the best we could every game. We played a good schedule last year, and this year it will be more challenging, but that will only make us better.”

Q: What are your goals for your senior season?

A: “My goals for my senior season are to be the best leader I can be, whether it be taking some of the freshmen under my wing and helping them or just taking charge on the field and being very vocal. I also, of course, would love to do better than previous years, as I am a very competitive person and am always looking at stats. I would also love to win some more region games and leave the field for the last time with no regrets.”

Q: What is the next step after high school for you?

A: “The next step for me would be to find the right school and program to play in college. My options have been pretty open, but I am settling down on some Division 2 and Division 3 schools as the education part is very important to me.”

Lord and the St. Pius team will begin their season on Aug. 8 at home against Woodward Academy, as the Golden Lions will begin their push to make the state playoffs for the first time since 2015.

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