DUNWOODY, Ga. — During an emergency teleconference meeting March 18, the Dunwoody City Council unanimously declared a city state of emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The action follows President Donald Trump announcing a national state of emergency March 13 and Gov. Brian Kemp declaring a Georgia state of emergency March 14.

Under the provisions of the city emergency act, essential services like police and public safety will continue, but much of the city’s normal business is on hold. 

The City Council may continue to conduct meetings via public teleconferences. Council business is limited to policymaking directly related to COVID-19, public health and safety or fiscal operations. 

Long-term planning, zoning, policymaking unrelated to public health, presentations and proclamations have been suspended until the city is no longer in a state of emergency. City boards, like the Planning Commission or Sustainability Committee, will not meet. 

All matters requiring a public hearing are paused until the emergency is no longer in effect. Any permits currently in effect that require a public hearing for renewal or extension, such as an alcohol permit, will not lapse and will be extended until public hearings are resumed.

The emergency state is set to be repealed April 17 unless extended at that time. 

The city announced March 14 that it would close City Hall to the public until March 30. Non-essential staff are working remotely.

“Our priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy,” Mayor Lynn Deutsch said in a statement. “I’m grateful for the preparation by staff to be ready to telework. Dunwoody’s greatest strength is our community, and I know that working together we can make everyone feel supported during these uncertain times.”

Some of the tools residents, businesses and visitors can access online are:

City staff who are working remotely will be monitoring their landline office phones regularly or forwarding them to their new location. Questions about specific department operations can be found on the individual department pages on the city’s website: dunwoodyga.gov.

Dunwoody Police will continue patrols and enforcement while taking precautions to protect against COVID-19.Those wishing to file a police report can call 911 to schedule an officer to come to them at a location within the city limits on a non-emergency basis. 

Alternatively, filers may come to police headquarters and use the intercom located at the main entrance to announce their request. The representative on duty will dispatch an officer to meet them in the parking lot.

All requests for copies of police reports (incident or accident) as well as all open records requests must be submitted at dunwoodyga.gov/openrecords.

All fingerprinting services and background check services have been suspended until March 30. All training events, community programs and classes have been suspended until further notice.

For remote assistance with a child safety seat, email carseatcheck@dunwoodyga.gov.

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