See and Be Seen

DUNWOODY, Ga. — The City of Dunwoody is rolling out its pedestrian safety campaign “See and Be Seen: We’re All Responsible,” this week.

The campaign is designed to help drivers and pedestrians understand and obey the rules of the road.

“Our mayor and City Council are very concerned about this issue,” Dunwoody Communications Director Jennifer Boettcher said. “After some close calls and accidents this year, they wanted the city to do more. The start of a new school year is the perfect time to talk about what drivers and pedestrians can do to make our roads and crosswalks safer.” 

The campaign includes videos, ads, a special website and social media posts that focus on education, enforcement and solutions. It is a coordinated campaign involving Dunwoody Police, Dunwoody Public Works, Dunwoody GIS and the pedestrian advocacy group PEDS.

The Dunwoody Police Department has conducted several pedestrian traffic safety enforcement details in 2019. One is featured in a video for the campaign. During a detail in April, 32 citations were written and two arrests were made for hands-free violations, seatbelt violations and drivers failing to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk

“A big safety concern for pedestrians and motorists alike is distracted drivers,” Dunwoody Police Chief Billy Grogan said. “To that end, Dunwoody officers have issued 1,174 citations since the new Hands-Free Law went into effect July 1, 2018.”

In the 10 years since incorporation, Dunwoody has expanded the sidewalk network by 20 percent with 11 miles of new sidewalks.

The city is halfway to its goal of having sidewalks on both sides of all arterial and collector roads. Most of the improvements recommended in a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan in 2014 have been implemented with additional improvements planned within the next two years.

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