DUNWOODY, Ga. — A female employee notified authorities July 12 of suspicious activity at Best Buy on Hammond Drive. A male shopper was observed requesting two iPhone XS MAX devices at the most expensive cost with no regard for the color. The employee stated that most customers purchasing phones for themselves are particular about cost and color. As the customer began reading the account information from his cell phone to complete the transaction, he apparently noticed police looking at him and left the store as the employee was verifying the account. The suspect was seen leaving the parking lot in a white sedan. 

The responding officer made a traffic stop on the car, and asked the driver why he left the store before completing the transaction. He claimed to have received the charge account information from the son of the account holder. Authorities contacted the account holder and were told that the transactions were fraudulent. The suspect was placed under arrest, and he was transported to DeKalb County Jail for identity theft.

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