St. Pius X basketball sensation Chase Cormier was recently named the AAAA boys’ basketball Freshman of the Year. We asked him a few questions about his rookie season as a Golden Lion, and his future playing at St. Pius.


Q: How has your adjustment been both on and off the floor to St. Pius?

A: “It’s been pretty good; I didn’t really have a problem like fitting in and all. That was just natural, I knew that was going to happen. For basketball, the transition wasn’t that hard, but I just had to communicate with my teammates and then we went from there.”


Q: How would you say that the Class of 2019, with them being such a big and experienced class, helped you most as you are beginning to develop here at St. Pius?

A: “They helped me a lot, mostly just talking to me because sometimes I didn’t really know anything, or I’d mess up a lot and they’d help me keep my head up. They walked me through things if I didn’t understand them.”

Q: What would you say stood out about your freshman campaign to the point where you’d be recognized by multiple media outlets as the unanimous AAAA Freshman of the Year?

A: “I’d probably say my confidence on the court, I’m not scared to show out.”


Q: You’re known for your shot. How did you develop that shot, and how did you get it to such a high level?

A: “I just had to keep working on it, using the shooting machine and a whole bunch of other equipment. I just keep shooting all the time.”


Q: Everyone that watched you last year at St. Pius saw you spray threes and that was really a lot of your role with the team as a freshman. What are your other strengths?

A: “Ball handling. I have a good handle, and I can pass; I have great vision of the court.”


Q: What is the next step in your development as a player, being such a young player on the varsity team?

A: “Becoming better every year. I don’t want to be the same player I was last year; I want to just get better.”

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