Albeit Dunwoody City Councilperson (and current mayoral candidate) Terry Nall claims statistics prove otherwise, I shall be eternally grateful to the expeditious DeKalb County emergency medical technicians who last November arrived at my home much sooner than anyone anticipated when I suffered the first of two massive heart attacks that day, braved my rambunctious dogs, accurately assessed and treated my condition, then adeptly maneuvered I-285 rush hour traffic in order that the proficient cardiovascular staff at St. Joseph's Hospital could attend to me.

Although my argument is merely anecdotal, I cannot envision a more efficient, professional, skilled, or compassionate emergency services than what DeKalb County currently provides. Y'all need to be careful that what you wish for, it just might come true - what if ambulance response times was merely a political platform, similar to “Build the Wall,” which mayoral candidate Terry Nall is utilizing as a wedge issue to base his campaign on and y'all end up with a less efficient and more expensive emergency service than y'all have now?! My own current existence is proof to me that what we have now is much more than satisfactory.

— Gary Ray Betz, Dunwoody

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