Deer fence

The following is news submitted by the Dunwoody Community Garden and Orchard.

Attached is a diagram of our Dunwoody Community Garden and Orchard. It lays out the measurements of our current deer fence which has far exceeded its useful life. Sadly, its installation technique and current state of repair are no match for the hungry deer and rabbits displaced by nearby construction. Invading deer have already decimated a sizable portion of the garden set aside for Malachi's Pantry as well as numerous individual member's garden beds. This will only worsen as winter sets in.

As you can see, our fence is huge, over 700' long. Due to the complexity of the Garden's shape and the number of gates required, the cost will be by far the largest expenditure in the history of the DCGO, expected to exceed $16,000.

Your Board of Directors is soliciting competing bids for an 8' replacement fence which would be professionally installed and have a life expectancy of at least 20 years. These estimates will not include charges for removing the old fence and posts, work that volunteers will be called upon to perform.

THE GOOD NEWS: The City of Dunwoody has very generously offered to match the funding we raise, HALVING the cost of the new fence to our members IF we install the new fence prior to the end of 2019. The City has no funding in its budget for this once 2020 rolls around.

We do not want to increase the $60 annual membership dues to our members, and DCGO will be utilizing funds raised at last year's plant sale. Yet we still need additional funding to realize this project by the end of the year so as not to lose the City's contribution or jeopardize Garden operations.

The Dunwoody Community Garden and Orchard at Brook Run is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization. Please join me and make any size financial donation you can to DCGO and receive a letter from us for your 2019 tax filing. Does your employer match charitable donations?

Donations can be mailed to:


P. O. Box 888442

Dunwoody, GA 30356

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