Ruby Mundell

Davis Academy student Ruby Mundell with her newly published book, “Kindness Come In.”

Davis Academy fifth grader, Ruby Mundell is not only an elementary school student, but she is also a published author who recently released her first book, titled “Kindness Come In.” After facing the loss of her father at a young age, a diagnosis of dyslexia, and social challenges in her early years, Ruby found great comfort and courage in expressing her thoughts and feelings through writing and drawing. This self-expression led to the creation of “Kindness Come In,” a chapter book filled with insightful advice, tips for both adults and children facing difficult times, intricate illustrations, and Ruby’s personal stories.

When asked about her favorite part of writing “Kindness Come In,” Ruby said. “It helped me to calm myself when I was going through challenging times.”

While the book provides advice on practicing compassion, consideration, thoughtfulness, self-expression, and forgiveness, Ruby shares in her author’s note that her goal for her readers “is that they can become a better person, feel better about themselves, and understand people better” after reading her book.

In promotion of her book release, Mundell hosted a book launch party on Saturday, Aug. 18 at The Packaged Good, where Davis Academy friends and members of the greater Atlanta community came together in celebration of the release. At the party, guests had the opportunity to meet Ruby, ask her questions about her book, and buy a signed copy of “Kindness Come In”.

Sponsored by Community Partner, The Davis Academy, Ruby Mundell and “Kindness Come In” will be featured at The Marcus Jewish Community Center Book Fair on Nov. 8, at 10 a.m. For more information about Ruby Mundell and Kindness Come In, please visit:

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