WildCat5e’s robot, “Tilted Towers,” at the Gainesville Qualifier.

After blowing away both the competition and themselves with the unbelievable success of their rookie year, the Dunwoody High School FIRST Robotics Team has entered its second season in a whirlwind.

Team 6705, WildCat5e, did phenomenally well during their 2017 season, powering through qualifier and state competitions to qualify for the World Championship in Houston, in which they finished ranked 57th out of 6000 teams worldwide. They did this with the help of their great sponsors like Mohawk Industries, Griffith Engineering, DTI Global, Ameriglo, Paragon Construction, and Spiced Right; this year, they are back with renewed strength.

This year’s game, “Power-Up,” requires teams to navigate the field and lift three-pound cubes six feet in the air to take control of the scoring elements and gain points.

At the beginning of the season, the game video was released, and the team had six weeks to build, design, and program a 120-pound, industrial-sized robot to the specifications of the challenge. After the six week build period ended in mid February, team members were not allowed make any additional changes to the robot. WildCat5e took the finished robot to two competitions: The Gainesville and Dalton Qualifiers.

In the 2018 season thus far, WildCat5e and their robot “Tilted Towers,” nicknamed for its 7-foot maximum height, have done outstandingly well. As a second year team, the students have accomplished nearly unprecedented amounts of success. their current record is 34-4 in 2018 official match play, and the team is ranked second place out of 84 Georgia teams. Tilted Towers has attained the highest Offensive Power Ranking in the state, and at the Dalton qualifier, it was second-seed in qualification rounds and finished as the tournament winner of 37 teams. In Gainesville, Tilted Towers was first-seed in qualifications of 40 teams and finished in second place overall.

One team member, Jackson Grant, had some thoughts on the robot and the team’s sponsorship by the Georgia Tech RoboJackets: “I think that our team is very fortunate to be mentored by the RoboJackets; it has allowed our team to learn and improve. We are thrilled to be doing as good as we are and district points have enabled us to land Tilted Towers at the state competition.

The team is projected to go to both the state and world championships this year, but could use some help getting there. While the team has received gracious sponsorship and mentor support from Porsche, Griffith Engineering, and the Georgia Tech RoboJackets, they still need to raise $15,000 - both through corporate sponsorships and individual donations.

For more information about the team, you can visit their website, wildcat5e.com, and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @wildcat5e. For donations, visit their GoFundMe page gofundme.com/wildcat5e6705. For sponsorship inquiries, email Hello@WildCat5e.com.

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