Wesleyan School is pleased to announce that fourth grader Tatum Krauth recently had a poem published in Highlights magazine.

“I love to write,” said Tatum. “I saw the entry form in the magazine and decided I wanted to give it a try.”

Tatum wrote the poem, completed the entry form, and addressed the envelope before she even shared her idea with her parents. “Tatum came to me with an addressed envelope and asked me for stamps and if I’d mail it for her,” shared Tatum’s mom, Jessica. “She is very motivated and creative and came up with this idea entirely on her own.”

“We are so proud of Tatum,” said Jason Erb, Wesleyan lower school principal. “She works very hard in the classroom and her commitment to writing shows in her work. Our students and teachers are thrilled for Tatum and excited to have a published poet in our midst!”

The poem can be found in the November 2018 issue of Highlights.

Wesleyan School is a Christian, independent K-12 college preparatory school located in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. At the start of the 2018-2019 school year, Wesleyan enrolled 1,177 students from throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area. To learn more about the school, visit wesleyanschool. org.


Davis Academy alumnus, David Antonino (Class of 2014) recently published a compilation of true stories and interviews to raise awareness about homelessness titled: “Stories from the Street.” Through his writing, Antonino hopes to shed light on homelessness and offer a platform to those impacted by it. To help combat/end homelessness, Antonino is donating fifty percent of the book proceeds to shelters and charities.

Antonino was the recipient of the Davis Academy Alumni Tzedek Grant, a grant designed to support new or existing projects that fulfill The Davis Academy core value of righteousness or justice. To apply for the Tzedek Grant, high school and college aged alum are invited to submit proposals outlining their ideas to be reviewed by Davis Academy faculty and administration. Antonino used the funds from this grant to help with the research and production of “Stories from the Street”.

To learn more about “Stories from the Street”, visit amazon.com.To learn more about The Davis Academy, please visit davisacademy.org or follow along on Facebook at facebook.com/AlfredandAdeleDavisAcademy.

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