Katie Cyphers, a leader in all things education with a passion for giving back, owns a Buckhead educational consulting business, Academics Plus. The firm specializes in “learning checkups” that are proactive in early identification of educational challenges and in helping parents find the best school fit for their children. 

Academics Plus has gained a reputation for ensuring that all children in her program are able to reach their greatest potential. She shared her journey in education, which includes her personal story of earning a master’s degree from the University of Tennessee with a 4.0 GPA, despite having dyslexia. 

Kate Cyphers


As a Rotarian, she said she understands the true meaning of “Service above Self.”

When she heard that schools in Sierra Leone, West Africa, were closed for a year due to the ebola virus, she jumped on a plane, with little forewarning, to see how she could help. This first trip and the fateful meeting of Mohamed, the young boy she now calls her own, led to the founding of Education Cures. Most importantly, she emphasized how she has used her journey to help create proactive education programs in developing countries.

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