Wesleyan fourth grade students took a virtual field trip this month with the Minnesota Vikings.

Students from the Peachtree Corners college preparatory school participated in the NFL PLAY 60 Challenge Virtual Experience: Your Roadmap to a Healthy Heart.  The program, a collaboration between  Discovery Education, the National Football League, and the American Heart Association, was created to inspire physically active lifestyles in schools and homes across the country. 

Wesleyan’s new lower school physical education teacher, Shana White, coordinated the event for students. She is a member of the Discovery Education Leadership Council and, while she has been involved with Discovery Education for more than two years now, she became heavily involved when she was selected as the  PBS Digital Lead Innovator for the state of Georgia in 2016. 

During the virtual field trip, students were able to get up and get moving with Minnesota Vikings players  as they learned how the heart works and how physical activity helps to keep it strong.


Artists in grades 5-12 at Mount Vernon showcased their talents, technique and development, through improv, hip hop, voice, horns, percussion, strings, and a theatrical number, illustrating the breadth and depth of the school’s arts program.

“When our arts team began dreaming and planning for this year’s season, we knew this year would be a pivotal one for our school and our community. We knew we wanted to amplify the power that the arts have to bring people together, celebrate diversity, and illuminate those things that unite us,” the school’s Director of Visual and Performing Arts Matthew Neylon said. “We couldn’t have known how many natural disasters and human tragedies our country would face in this moment. However, in the wake of the unrest, we choose joy, hope and truth. The arts can be a brilliant illustration of the power of the American spirit. “


Mount Vernon’s youngest learners, its preschoolers, recently celebrated the Global Cardboard Challenge, an annual event inspired by the short film, ‘Caine’s Arcade,’ and presented by the Imagination Foundation to celebrate child creativity and the role communities can play in fostering it.

Preschool Head of Learning and Innovation Erin Carey said, “As our youngest learners made their way out to the Frontier to spend the morning, they were greeted by more than just the usual tree cookies, fort branches, and sand. They found hundreds of cardboard boxes, paint, markers, scissors, tape, other recycled materials, and much, much more to inspire them to utilize every corner of their imagination.”

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