New bike racks

Scott Ehardt installs a shiny chrome bike rake at the Dunwoody Village Burger King.

Residents cycling to the Dunwoody Village area now have several new dedicated bike racks to park their bikes while shopping or eating in the area. 

The stainless steel racks and their installation were funded through the Dunwoody Preservation Trust’s Bike Ride Around Dunwoody (BRAD), part of this year’s Lemonade Days in Brook Run Park. 

Dunwoody Preservation Trust Co-Presidents Sam and Molly Portis  have been coordinating the installations of the racks, an important step toward becoming a bike-friendly community. They noted, “While the DPT’s focus is mainly the preservation of homes and history, it makes us thrilled that we can preserve a healthy environment for our community.” 

Joe Seconder, a bicycling advocate who managed BRAD this year, could not be more pleased to see the racks going in. 

“I’m so happy to see the proceeds from the family-friendly BRAD ride going back into the community. This year, we’ve seen new bike lanes created in Dunwoody. With next year’s work on the Dunwoody Village Parkway and portions of Mount Vernon adding bike lanes to adjoining neighborhoods, these racks will provide secure ‘end of trip’ bicycle facilities at meaningful locations.”  

The racks were installed by Scott Ehardt with Sopo Bicycle Cooperative as part of a joint program with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.  

The Bike There! program has installed over 60 bike parking racks in the greater Atlanta area over the past four years, but these are the first racks installed through the program in Dunwoody. The racks are locally fabricated and are of the “inverted U” design that permits two bicycles to be parked and securely locked in a minimum of space and without danger of falling over.  

Local merchants, for whom the racks and installation were provided at no cost, were quick to snap up the racks. Current locations include Village Burger, Fresh Market, Mellow Mushroom, Starbucks, Burger King, and the Dunwoody Nature Center, with a few additional installations planned.  

Sam Portis would like to see this sort of collaboration continue. 

“Thanks to Joe for all his hard work. We hope we can be as successful next year with the bike ride as this past year at Lemonade Days so we can do even more for our community in this coming year,” he said.

Joe Seconder asks people to “mark your calendar for April 21, 2012 and join us for the next BRAD bike ride event during Lemonade Days.”

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