St Martins Charity

From left, Dylan Mathis, Marshall Lisenby, Avalana Brock and Amelia Marsh

use the school snack cart. 

BROOKHAVEN, Ga. — St. Martin’s Episcopal School’s Student Council has raised $23,500 for local charities over the past four years. 

Comprised of elected representatives from 5th to 8th grades, the Student Council raises thousands of dollars each year in two unassuming ways: selling snacks and Middle School Spirit Week. 

The snack cart brings in 80 percent of the council’s annual profit. It is a popular attraction at break time in the middle school and features sweet and savory treats sold for 50 cents each. Council members donate their break time to manage the cart. The spring fundraiser, Spirit Week, raises the rest of the council’s annual profit. It invites middle school students to swap $5 for a fun, theme-filled week of non-uniform days. 

SMES’ Student Council has a long-established culture of giving. For more than 12 years it has led fundraising efforts in support of local philanthropies serving Atlanta’s underprivileged communities. 

Last year, the Student Council distributed $5,500 among five organizations: The Good Samaritan Health Center, the Brookhaven Rotary Club Foundation, Episcopal Relief and Development, the Suthers Center for Christian Outreach and Bella Vista Children’s Home.

Student Council co-advisers Neil Conrad and Melissa Grier believe representatives learn the importance of engaging in responsible work during their time in office.

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