A developer seeking to build 81 town homes in Dunwoody Village was given conditional approval Sunday night by the board of the Dunwoody Homeowners’ Association.

An earlier proposal to the DHA had been met concerns over whether the project would be compatible with the “Williamsburg style” of the village in replacing several office buildings and office condos that were built when the village was constructed.

Cypress Development since reached agreement with homeowners in the subdivision behind it and came back to the DHA with 10 narrative conditions aimed at fulfilling the stipulations of the village overlay district.

First, the project will now face Dunwoody Village Parkway, rather than away from it. No more than two buildings will share the same façade. Exterior materials will be brick and stone.

To meet home owners requests, the encroachment into the streambed behind the village will be reduced from 1.7 acres to .4 of an acre.

To meet concerns of the DHA, Cypress will design the three- and four-bedroom, three-story units so that elevators can be installed if purchasers want them.

Cypress attached landscaping conditions to its proposal allowing for three staggered rows of trees screening from the adjoining neighborhood.

Residents will be able to enter the development from both Mt. Vernon Road and

Dunwoody Village Parkway.

Each unit will have rear-loaded two-car garages and even though its streets will be private, it will not be a gated community.

Cypress said prices will start at $450,000 and a homeowners’ association will be mandatory.

It agreed that only eight rental units would be allowed at any time, a condition to be enforced by the DHA, if the city doesn’t do so.

Cypress will present the plan to the Dunwoody Community Council tonight and to the city planning commission March 10.

The DHA board voted 12-3 to support the Cypress proposal before the various city boards, with the stiulation that no conflict of occupancy be given by the city unless all conditions are met .

In other action, DHA President Robert Wittenstein said the DHA will give up its office in Dunwoody Village as its lease ends at the end of February. He said the office is large and infrequently used.

The board also voted to go ahead with planning a chili cook-off in early October.

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