Man cited for disruption at assisted living home

DUNWOODY, Ga. — A man was arrested for disorderly under the influence July 19 after he allegedly banged on the doors of an assisted living home in a drunken tirade. 

Staff called police to the building on Ashford Center Parkway around 3 a.m., telling them two men had banged on the front doors so hard the alarm started and scared the people inside. 

Police tracked down one of the suspects walking in the road nearby, and determined he was intoxicated and confrontational, according to the report. He was arrested for disorderly under the influence and transported to Dekalb County Jail.

Items reported stolen from bed of pickup

Police were called to Peachtree Place Parkway on July 20 after a man reported having several items stolen from his truck overnight.

The victim told police he left his truck in the parking lot the night before around 9 p.m. When he went to use it in the morning, he saw the cover on his truck bed had been cut open, and tools he had stored were missing. 

Police said the man estimated $5,000 worth of tools were taken. 

Police chase prank calls reporting area shootings

Police were kept busy July 23 with several prank calls reporting shootings in the area.

Police first responded to a call of a man shot at Target on Perimeter Center Place. When they arrived at the store, people were calm, and everything was business as usual. There were no signs a shooting had occurred.

Shortly after, police received word from dispatch that it was likely a prank call, as they had received 11 calls from that same number in a span of 17 minutes. 

They were able to track the calls to an address in Sandy Springs. 

Man reports accounts opened in his name

DUNWOODY, Ga. — A Dunwoody man called police July 22 to report possible fraudulent activity.

The man told police his FICO score dropped because of a missed payment for a Dish Network account, but he said he has never had a Dish Network account. 

The man said he checked his credit report further and suspects a second fraudulent account might have been opened under his name with another telecom company.

Woman falls victim to telephone scam

A woman called police July 23 reporting she had fallen victim to a scheme for cash over the phone.

The woman told police she received several calls the day before from people claiming to be with the IRS and DEA in Washington D.C. They told the woman her name came up in a drug investigation in Texas, where she lived prior to Georgia, and she had a warrant out for her arrest. 

She told Dunwoody police she thought the calls were authentic, so she followed their directions to send $1,000 to their CashApp account. She also sent the men her Social Security number, but they kept contacting her. 

She told police she had requested a refund through CashApp and talked to her bank about recovering the money.

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