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DUNWOODY, Ga. — Millage rates will stay the same in Dunwoody, just as they have since Dunwoody became a city. 

The Dunwoody City Council held the first of three required public hearings on June 18 to set the millage rate, which is still 2.74 mills or $2.74 for every $1,000 of the assessed value of property. While the rate remains the same, the city anticipates more revenue because the value of property has increased. 

Real and personal incorporated property value increased from $3,905,575,475 in 2018 to $3,972,655,206 this year. 

This was a modest increase in the total tax digest from the prior year, city Finance Director Chris Pike said. 

“This is probably my least favorite meeting of the year,” Mayor Denis Shortal said. “Because I think it’s a waste of seven people’s time and staff’s time that we sit up here and talk about this every year, and we haven’t raised the tax rate one time coming in on 11 years.”

Residents should focus on the fact that the tax rate hasn’t raised “one iota” since becoming a city, Shortal said. The city does not have a lot of extra money hanging around either, he said, other than a four-month reserve “rainy day” fund. The city is required to have a balanced budget, he said. 

The next read and public hearing for the 2019 millage rate will be at 8 a.m. July 8 at City Hall. 

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