Meadow Lane Road

Meadow Lane Road improvements include a new left turn lane for drivers turning east onto Ridgeview Road and additional pedestrian crosswalks.

DUNWOODY, Ga. — Leaders from the city, county and Perimeter District gathered Sept. 6 to celebrate the completion of a number of upgrades to improve traffic flow on Meadow Lane Road. 

Dunwoody City Council members joined DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester and Perimeter Community Improvement Districts Executive Director Ann Hanlon for a ceremonial ribbon cutting. 

The projects were designed to improve traffic flow, especially during busy weekday travel times. Work started in late July.

“This project is a perfect example of what can be accomplished through mutual cooperation,” Dunwoody Mayor Denis Shortal said in a statement. “The traffic movement and pedestrian safety enhancements on Meadow Lane Road were completed on schedule and on budget. I thank DeKalb County and the PCIDs for their input, support and sharing the cost of these intersection improvements.

The left-turn lanes on Meadow Lane Road to Ashford Dunwoody Road were extended 100 feet to nearly double the capacity of the lanes. Before the project, vehicles waiting to turn left at this location would frequently line up beyond the turn lanes into one of the eastbound through lanes, which slowed traffic flow.  

At Ridgeview Road, a left turn lane was added on Meadow Lane Road for eastbound traffic. The lane provides drivers with a dedicated area to wait for an opening to turn left. The westbound approach to the intersection already has a left-turn lane. New pedestrian crosswalks and signals on the western and northern legs of the intersection were also included in the project.

“The PCIDs was thrilled to partner with the city of Dunwoody and DeKalb County on this project,” Hanlon said. “This area suffered from heavy congestion during peak rush hour times, and creating more turn lane stacking has now vastly improved traffic flow along Meadow Lane. We look forward to partnering on more quick-win projects with the city and county in the future.”

DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester sponsored legislation to provide $60,000 to help fund the cost of the improvements. The PCIDs agreed to contribute $60,000. Dunwoody City Council approved the remaining costs for a project total of $160,000. 

“This is a great project, but even better is the partnership,” Jester said. “I look forward to doing more of these. There’s so much we can do if we pool our resources.”  

At both intersections, construction involved removing the existing raised medians. The work was contained within the existing right of way. 

“This is a perfect partnership,” Mayor Pro Tem Lynn Deutsch said. “Our roads aren’t just used by Dunwoody residents and when the roads are better they’re better for everyone.”

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