Blooms of Dunwoody

DUNWOODY, Ga. — Giving back to the community by gifting flowers has been a dream of Blooms of Dunwoody owner Suzanne Conreaux ever since she opened her floral design and event planning shop in 2012. 

Located in the heart of Dunwoody, Blooms of Dunwoody has built its business through the support and patronage of friends and neighbors. Conreaux says it’s this compassion that inspired her to step away from corporate America to open a flower shop seven years ago. 

“Dunwoody is a community that thrives on kindness. It really does, and I feel so lucky to be in a position to see proof of that every day,” Conreaux said. “I wish more people could see what I see. Hear the stories that I hear. You watch the news, you hear about the challenges of the world, but we don’t hear enough about the ways people continue to reach out and care for one another. 

Conreaux contends that her business benefits from a steady growth in community outreach.

“We’ve consistently grown our customer base every year and it’s not just through people sending flowers for milestone events like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings,” she said. “Whether it be flower donations for a philanthropic event, providing event services for dear friends, supporting local schools with landscaping installments or simply sending a gift to help lift someone up, we are hearing from a host of people and organizations that are striving to strengthen our community in a wide variety of ways.”  

In honor of this trend, Blooms of Dunwoody is launching its own community outreach initiative called the “Give Free Flowers” Campaign. The program invites people to fill out a simple online form to nominate friends and neighbors who are putting others first through acts of service or kindness. Each week, Blooms of Dunwoody will select a new honoree to receive free flowers, while sharing their story or cause with a post to its online following through Facebook and Instagram.

“There are so many unsung heroes who go out of their way every day to support our friends, neighbors and local causes,” Conreaux said. “The ‘Give Free Flowers’ campaign is just one simple way that we can give back to those who are fostering kindness and building bonds in our community.”  

To nominate someone, visit and click on the “Give Free Flowers” tab at the top.

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