Dekalb Rotary

The Rotary Club of Dunwoody honored four Dunwoody High School students May 3 for their participation in the Rotary summer leadership conference last year in Americus, Georgia. Students who won the Rotary Youth Leadership Award spent several days with other Georgia rising juniors developing strong leadership skills. Admittance to the conference is competitive and the school’s Rotary Interact Club is reviewing this year’s applications.  

DHS Writing Center teacher Heather Carter introduced this year’s Rotary Laws of Life narrative essay contest participants at Dunwoody. All tenth graders wrote essays after choosing a Law of Life — a quote to live by. The winning essay and those selected as finalists were read by their authors. Their parents and teachers were also in attendance at this annual club program. The winning essay was written by Mia Whitehurst on “Life Is a test, but it does not require a grade of 100, just determination to keep trying.”

Runner-up Ansley Speice chose “Balance your buckets” as her topic. Lauren Courtney wrote on “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”  Sam Phillips’ topic was “Test your limits.”  Evan Sinclair wrote about the “Great power in words.” Rachel Mayer presented her thoughts on “Gratitude is the key to life.”

Jillian Hall read her essay on “Be a shark, but hold it lightly.”  She revealed that this was a difference-maker, which was actually the potential outcome of each of these well-written essays.  

Participation by 69 Georgia high schools resulted in 44,185 essays, 186 student winners, 53 Rotary Club sponsors, and $21,000 given in cash prizes. The Laws of Life program is funded through a weekly drawing at each club meeting after the sale of tickets. Dunwoody Rotarian George Stewart heads up the program and last year won Rotarian of the Year for the district as a result.

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