DUNWOODY, Ga. — The Dunwoody City Council voted again to wait to act on a rezoning that would allow development of new residences on a 2.6-acre tract around the historic Swancy farmhouse. 

The request by Rock River Realty to rezone the area along Roberts Drive near the farmhouse to allow construction of nine new homes on the parcel was stalled again at the May 20 city council meeting until the July 11 meeting

The T-shaped area surrounds the Swancy farmhouse on three sides, and the farmhouse owner, Dave Haverty, has spoken at multiple council meetings over the past three months against the rezoning. At the most recent meeting May 20, he had concerns over privacy. 

“It’s a strange project,” he said. “It’s just it’s a project that seems to make sense in some people’s eyes, but it surrounds us. And it’s very, very strange in that manner. It’s going to take away our privacy.”

The council took issue with the look of the development at the most recent meeting, with Councilman John Heneghan asking why there was no cul-de-sac included with the proposed dead-end streets.

“This property, there’s too much. There’s too many. It’s too impactful,” he said. 

Councilwoman Lynn Deutsch said the property seemed two-thirds complete and that it did not fit the character of other Dunwoody subdivisions. 

Mayor Denis Shortal asked the applicant’s attorney Ethan J. Underwood if he had asked for an appraisal on the Swancyhouse yet after Shortal had asked him the same question the previous meeting. Underwood said no, and when asked again this past week, Underwood said that their plan is for the Havertys to live there as long as they would like. 

Shortal asked city lawyers what the developer could do with no rezoning. 

If the lot remained R-100, then the developer could most likely build four or five homes by right without any amenities, city lawyers said. 

“My concern is that they’re going to get five houses in there by right,” Shortal said. “And they’re going to build what they want to build, and I don’t think that’s something that we want whatsoever.”

The council voted 6-1 to table the rezoning until its July 8 meeting.

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