If DeKalb County Schools moves forward with plans for a bond referendum next spring to cover a shortfall in construction, they will have some opposition.

Due to rising construction costs, the school district finds itself $95 million short on the school improvement projects it had hoped to fund through the education sales tax, or E-SPLOST. The school district has proposed a March 2020 referendum to approve a general obligation bond to complete the underfunded E-SPLOST program and additional projects that would address urgent facility needs. 

The size of the bond would be in the range of $222 to $265 million, the district reports. 

At a Sept. 8 meeting, the Dunwoody Homeowners Association Board of Directors unanimously agreed to release a statement opposing the bond.

The letter released states that while Dunwoody Homeowners Association leaders are concerned about deteriorating conditions in DeKalb schools, they do not think a general obligation bond is the right vehicle to address the issues. They cite a history of a lack of transparency and leadership and questioned the school district’s construction estimates. 

Read the letter below. 

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