Thanks to the efforts of Dunwoody Councilman Terry Nall and the Dunwoody Police Department, public safety vehicles will soon be able to gain immediate entry into all gated Dunwoody communities without keys or the use of call boxes when there is an emergency. With the implementation of the Emergency Vehicles Access to Gated Communities ordinance, gated communities will be required to install and maintain SOS Gate Trigger Devices. Such devices will greatly increase emergency vehicle response times.

“Improving response times is an ongoing priority for the safety of our community, as each minute can make the difference between life and death,” said District One Councilman Terry Nall. “As a smaller city, we are lean and use smart technology to increase our effectiveness. I am thankful for Chief Grogan and his staff for their RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology research and ordinance proposal that I could successfully champion to the Mayor and my city council colleagues.”

The city of Dunwoody will cover the cost of purchasing the devices, which cost about $600 each, and the gated communities are expected to pay for installation, about $500, and the continued maintenance of the devices, which is expected to be minimal.

Mount Vernon Flats and Gramercy Townhomes have already implemented the devices, and all other gated communities are required to have the devices installed and fully functioning by March 23 of next year.

“The beauty of this RFID technology is we will make it available to police, fire and EMS for improved response times by all,” said Nall. “This will make Dunwoody a safer city.”

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