Maggie Deutch

Maggie Deutch pitched her entrepreneurial ideas to NFL players, fellow thinkers and Microsoft professionals at last month’s “Make Hustle Happen” competiton— and won!

Davis Academy eighth grader, Maggie Deutsch won Microsoft’s “Make Hustle Happen” competition that took place in February. For the competition, Maggie, along with competitors from other schools and eleven of her Davis Academy classmates, participated in an entrepreneurial workshop and competition, providing students the opportunity to not only hone their innovative ideas but also to build a business model to pitch NFL players, fellow entrepreneurs, and Microsoft professionals.

Maggie’s entrepreneurial project included a business model focused on increasing the affordability and accessibility of prosthetic limbs. In her pitch, Maggie acknowledged that prosthetic limbs can be costly; however, by 3D printing prosthetic limbs, Maggie will provide high quality prosthetics at an affordable price. To further build out her idea, Maggie has been in contact with a prosthetist as well as an executive at a 3D printing company, who she was connected to through the competition. As outlined in her pitch, next steps for Maggie involve creating a website designed for amputees to specify details about and order the prosthetic limbs they need. 

The inspiration behind Maggie’s business idea stemmed from her volunteer experience at Catalyst Sports, an organization geared toward helping people with physical disabilities pursue adventure sports.  Maggie’s involvement with Catalyst sports over the past two years turned into a genuine interest in helping others who may be challenged with a disability. 

When asked about her experience in the competition, Deutsch responded: “It was so rewarding to kick off my business ideas in a field that I am passionate about. Make Hustle Happen not only helped bring me one step closer to my business goals, but it also gave me great experience in building and presenting a thorough business model to a large group. I so am grateful for the support received from The Davis Academy and from Make Hustle Happen in bringing my ideas to life.” 

In addition to further expanding upon her business endeavors, as first place winner, Maggie received a Microsoft computer, was awarded Super Bowl tickets and had the opportunity to meet NFL players. 

“The Make Hustle Happen event organized by Microsoft and supported by the NFL was an extraordinary opportunity for seventh and eighth grade student leaders. They learned how to craft an impressive business plan based on their big ideas. Additionally, they gained experience in professionalism and public speaking. Most importantly, they were given the chance to consider how their ideas can impact the world. I am so proud of how each of our students represented The Davis Academy sharing their personal genius with Microsoft professionals and the NFL players,” said 21st Century Learning Coordinator, Stacy Brown.

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