Chief Grogan


Ten years ago, Dunwoody became a city and hired a Chief of Police, Billy Grogan. 

At the Sept. 6 meeting of the Dunwoody Rotary Club, Grogan said he believes in community policing through which he and his officers combat crime and disorder to improve the quality of life in Dunwoody.  He pointed to the similarity in goals of his department and Rotary’s, borrowing a motto for his department from the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.:  “What you DO matters — not what you think or say or plan.”  

Rotary’s motto is “Service above Self.” 

Grogan, a Rotarian himself, demonstrated the department’s dedication to serving with distinction by describing 30 projects Dunwoody Police have sponsored, like Christmas for Kids; Truck or Treat at a Dunwoody park at Halloween;  Coffee with a Cop; Safety Seat Checks; raising $200,000 for Special Olympics; AED/CPR training through which 5 lives have been saved; and the Polar Plunge.  

Both the Rotary Club of Dunwoody and the police officers help Special Ed Students in DeKalb improve their basketball skills. Grogan’s team was present and drew applause as they were introduced to the club.  

Many of the officers help in ways outside their job descriptions. For example, Officer Espinosa found a homeless family of six trying to sleep in the parking circle of Perimeter Pointe. Two weeks later, after connecting them to I Care Atlanta, they had a temporary place to live and both adults had job interviews.  

Grogan concluded his presentation by adding to his motto:  “What you do matters, especially when it is inconvenient, when it is not your responsibility, and when you lack the resources necessary to help.” 

In the Q&A session, Grogan acknowledged that many of their projects involve children — often at the age at which more are likely to be involved in crime.

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