DUNWOODY, Ga. — Dunwoody voters will pick a new mayor this Nov. 5, with three City Council seats also up for election.

While Post 6 Councilman John Heneghan will run for reelection unopposed, Post 4 Councilman Terry Nall and Post 5 Councilwoman Lynn Deutsch will be competing for mayor, leaving open races for their seats.

To help inform voters, the Dunwoody Crier asked each of the candidates:

1. Why are you running for Mayor/City Council

2. What experiences or skills would you bring to the city? 

3. If elected, what would be your top priorities?  

The answers below have been lightly edited for space. 



Councilwoman Lynn Deutsch 

Q1. Dunwoody has established an outstanding police department, completed many infrastructure projects and started building a park system, all while being fiscally responsible. As your mayor, my focus will be preserving our small-town feel while creating a vibrant place to live, work and play. 

Q2. Having served on City Council for eight years, including two as Mayor Pro Tem, I am uniquely qualified to serve as your next mayor based on my education, experience and willingness to listen and respond to your input. I have a Master’s of City Planning, served on the city’s first planning commission, am active in the Georgia Tech SMART City Institute and have focused my council-member training on important areas for our community including parks, design, community development and engagement, and more.

Q3. My priorities include reinvigorating commercial areas, increasing connectivity, enhancing parks, recreation, and cultural offerings, and maintaining our highly regarded police department. We also face tremendous challenges. Our overcrowded schools are at a crisis point and new highway projects threaten neighborhoods and retail centers. Using over 20 years of experience advocating for Dunwoody and my ability to collaborate with other metro Atlanta leaders, I am already actively working on these top priority issues for our future mayor.


Councilman Terry Nall

Q1: Dunwoody and public service are my passion. I think I’ve made a positive contribution over the past two terms, and there are challenges ahead that will take strong leadership to address. I will continue to advocate for a careful balance of fiscal responsibility and our quality of life, as I have for the last eight years. I also look forward to hearing the voice of our community through town hall meetings and other forums.

Q2: As an active CPA and a senior financial services executive, I’ve earned a reputation as someone who does the homework on each item to fully understand the issue and develop a plan for a solution. I am known for responding to people throughout the community, protection of homeowner values, and strong passion to build what I call “A Better Dunwoody. 

Q3: Police and EMS ambulance services to maintain our public safety edge; Dunwoody schools and improved relationships with the school district and Board of Education; Dunwoody Village transformation with a focus on vibrant placemaking; economic development to attract and retain new businesses; roads, trails, sidewalks and parks for connectivity and quality of life; implementing the Dunwoody Arts Master Plan and zoning to achieve a balanced mix of growth and development.

City Council Post 4

Stacey Harris 

Q1. I’ve dedicated over a decade to working at every level within our community because I truly enjoy working to make our city the best it can be. Dunwoody has made strides since incorporating, and it is now time to prepare for the next chapter by enhancing transportation, Dunwoody Village, our schools and our parks.

Q2. I have been involved with the Dunwoody Homeowners Association, the Zoning Board of Appeals, Sustainability Commission and Dunwoody Nature Center. I also bring professional experience as a small business owner.

Q3. To establish a plan for the old Austin site and see it through to fruition, the redevelopment of Dunwoody Village, to make sure our Dunwoody school teams have priority access to the new ball fields in Brook Run, to use our influence as a city to enact positive change within the school system, and to maintain a balance between development and its impact on traffic, schools and residential neighborhoods.

Editor’s note: The other candidate who qualified for Post 4, Robert Miller, did not respond to our questions. 


City Council Post 5

Joe Seconder 

Q1. I want to put Dunwoody first with new leadership and vision. To help move our city from being reactive and just good enough to being a vibrant community with the quality of life, services and amenities our citizens want and need.

Q2: Decades of leadership and management experience as a retired infantry major in the U.S. Army and in the private sector specializing in project management. Serving with the Dunwoody Homeowners Association, Dunwoody Sustainability Committee, Dunwoody Master Transportation Plan Advisory Committee and the Georgia Bikes nonprofit.

Q3: Leveraging every means at our disposal to fix our schools. Revitalizing the Dunwoody Village. Protecting our residential neighborhoods, especially as GDOT’s I-285 express lanes project seeks to destroy quality of life in Georgetown. Expanding the Brook Run trail network throughout Dunwoody. Connecting our parks, neighborhoods, schools and businesses. Promoting housing options for those seeking to downsize. 

All of these issues require putting Dunwoody first with new leadership and vision. We must be proactive, rather than reactive. 


Heyward Wescott

Q1. My personal love for our city and its future direction is what drives me to run for office. I have always tried to make Dunwoody a place we are all proud to call home, and I believe my experience, vision and leadership can help us in the next chapter for our city. 

Q2. As a founder, past chair and current board member on the Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber, I have a keen understanding of the important relationship between the city and its business community, both large and small. Serving as vice chair on the Dunwoody Planning Commission has provided me the experience to critically analyze proposed development projects. 

Q3. Redevelopment of Dunwoody Village into a vibrant community center with shopping, food and entertainment. It needs to be a pedestrian-friendly environment with additional greenspace. We also need to ensure the continued prosperity of the Dunwoody Perimeter Center as one of the Southeast’s top business centers and primary economic engines.

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